Thursday, July 16, 2009

UPDATE Kalim 5 minutes of fame

Kalim did us proud Pt England! He had the difficult task of being the very first performer on Monday. The audience were treated to Kalim singing as well as some very slick moves across the stage. Proud Pt Englanders and family members were in the crowd cheering.
Kalim sang 'I want you back' by the Jackson five and then followed it up with a dance routine to a song by TPain. At the end of the performance we watched 3 more items - all varied in style and talent. The winner was announced. This time round it wasn't Kalim, however we know that it's a great start for him and next time he will be even better. Thanks to Mr Jacobsen for the great photos!
Malo lava le taumafai Kalim.


  1. Hi there Kalim! You did very well. I could tell that you were a little nervous. You looked relaxed when it was time to dance - I loved the routine you did. I also enjoyed watching your gracious manner when the winner was announced. You have made us very proud Kalim. Looking forward to seeing you take part again in such events!
    Mrs Tele'a

  2. Hi Kalim. Aunty here. WOW!!! You are awesome and so blessed to have an awesome teacher and school supporting you and of course all our family!!! Wish we were there to see you. Go hard, and practise hard and you can do great things!!!

  3. Hi Kalim

    That was amazing dancing and singing and I cant belive that you proformed at westfield.

    Kingston L

  4. hi my name is katarina and i enjoyed looking at micheal jackson.

  5. Hey Kalim.

    Well done mate! It's really not an easy thing to do performing in public but you did great. I get the feeling that this won't be the last time that you sing and dance on a stage to a cheering audience!!

    Keep it up and I'm sure some time in the future, your going to be the one holding the winners trophy!!

  6. WOW Kalim you are a good singer man i i i I just can't believe you made it into the five minutes of fame man you are good.see you next see you

  7. Hi Kalim! I liked the way you sang. You danced like a professional! We are very proud of you, it wasn't an easy task.

    Room 18

  8. This is what I was meant to type:

    Hi Kalim this is Mrs Verry. I have seen your performance and it was cool wathing you sing and dance, especially since you are from Pt England school. I am proud of you. Keep it up.

    Mrs Verry

  9. Mrs Verry said...

    Hi Kalim this is Mrs Verry. I have seen your performance and it was cool watching you sing and dance, especially since you are from Pt England school. I am proud of you. Keep it up.

    Mrs Verry

  10. Hello Kalim that was some awesome moves.I wish I could dance like that. You are so confident to go on the stage like that.I can't do that.Could you teach me some moves.
    From Awhina.

  11. Hi Kalim! That was so awesome and well done to you.I can't go on to a stage and sing or dance like that. You had some awesome moves there and a great voice. You made Pt England School very proud. Did you know that you are so talented.

  12. WoW!
    That was so cool how did you feel when you you were sining and dancing.

    Did you have fun it look like you did .
    I hope you have a great future.
    !!KEEP IT UP!!

  13. Sorry about it Kalim.Werent you scared up there showing off your moves.I think you should do that tomorrow at a assembly great singing and good job.

    good one Kalim!!

  14. Well done Kalim your peformence was very awsome I think you did a great effort nice

  15. Hi Kalim. Wow you are awesome!!
    That was amazing dancing and singing and I cant even imagine someone performing in west field!!

    Boaza, Room 15, T.I.S,

  16. Hi there Kalim
    Omg i didn't know that you were that good at singing!.My favourite
    part of the five minutes of fame was when you were dancing.I so wish i was there.

    Goodby For now !!


  17. hi kalim i liked your dance moves and your song you had some cool moves

  18. Hi Kalim
    Cool dancing! I liked all the moves you did! Did you practise those moves or did you just do them when you were up there???

    Anyway I hope to see you on more shows and espeacially on our Pt Englands got talent if we have another one!


  19. Hi Kalim
    Wow!!! I never knew you could dance like that.I knew you could sing but dancing WHOA you were awesome! I couldn't tell if you were nervous or not because you had your glasses on, but I'm sure you were confident.
    Anyway keep doing your best because you never know. Maybe someday you could win New Zealand's got talent. Keep up the great work.


  20. HI!!!! Kalim
    That was the most exciting performinec I HAVE EVER SEEN YOU DO!!
    you a real entertaner
    hope room 18 will see you next time on 5 minutes of FAME!!!


  22. Kailm i belive you do have talant.I loved the way you danced to the matching beat.good work.
    Keep it real

  23. HEY Kalim you have got some awsome TALENT you have made us proud of what you did all of your moves have hooked me into commenting you i hope you will get back out there and really make a difference to our school and we all know that your family is very PROUD.We all wish you the best for the FUTURE Kalim!!!

  24. Hi there Kalim That was a super duper fantastic job

    Its not easy to stand up and be loud and proud

    keep it up Kalim

  25. Hey Kalim great dancing and what a great voice you have.won't you shy when you proformed?

  26. Hi Kalim you were so amazing at singing and dancing.You did very well.

  27. Wow!You are so amazing! I wish I was there to watch you! Please keep that up and one day, may be you can sing and dance at our school assembly as well.

    Mrs Shefooic

  28. Hi Kalim,

    Your performance was really good !
    It must of taken alot of practising.
    Were you nervouse ?

    Morrinsville Intermediate

  29. Hi Kalim how are you. You must have been nervous. I know that your mum was proud of you and your family. I wish I went to five minutes of fame. Well done Kalim.

  30. Hi there Kalim!!!!
    Very well done.
    I really like the way you sang and danced to the music.
    Sad though that you didn't make it.

    From Erene and Marven

  31. Hello Kalim,
    Room 5 at Tamaki Primary School think that you have an awesome talent and we love looking at your blog. We think you should be on NZ IDOL!!! We'll be watching out for you in the future.
    Good Luck!

  32. Hi Kalim it was good to see you on stage man!!! you look just like Michael Jackson. GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE MATE!!!!!!!

    By Marven

  33. Hi cousin,
    You have got some very nice moves.That was cool.You keep your hopes up and you will succeed.Where are you getting your voice from.Maybe your nana which is my nana to.
    Keep it up!!!

    Bye for now.

  34. hey Kalim you have made a good performance from Teinakura

  35. Hey Kalim

    You have some good moves and was the song you were dancing to called freze by T-Pain and Chris Brown anyway nice job and go hard

    by Cruz

  36. Hi there Kalim you did a fantastic job with your singing and with your dancing I hope you will help me to be a dancer and a singer like you.

  37. HI Kalim
    you sounded really great I wish I was there to see it. You were also a good dancer but better at singing I hope you could do it again and keep up the great work. We are also looking forward to see you in other event. Well thats all we have time for bye.

    Casey and Angela

  38. Hey Kalim

    That was awesome what you did for Pt.England and we got to say you were fantastic out there. Do you know if you can sing another Micheal Jackson.

    your sincerely Jarna and Tule

  39. wow kalim awesome singing you really have a wonderful voice sorry you didn't win but still keep up the good work you can sing any time you want to so keep practicing on your voice.

    Your Friend KEZIAH.

  40. Hi Kalim you are great at singing.Were you nervous at singing on the stage?.You know how to sing claerly Kalim.


    By Turuhira

  41. Hi kalim

    That was a amazing singing and Dancing.


  42. Hi there Kalim. I was really impressed with you performance especially the song. I think I might be seeing you on New Zealand Idol in about 10 years time! Good luck, Miss Gee (from Bulls School!)

  43. hi kalim.nice dancing .i like your singing and you got a nice voice.i hoped you had fun.

  44. Hi Kalim,
    What cool moves you've got there.


  45. Hey Kalim [My cousin] i think you were mean moari mean all those dance moves man you were the best...

    From Ezrah

  46. your the best dancer except for Michael Jackson....


  47. I could tell that you were a little nervous but i get ya. Because you in front of lots of people and even in front of your family like mum and dad because you fell on some of the bits of the song, but al goods laters BO!!