Monday, April 6, 2009

Kezia's holiday recount

Take a look at Kezia's holiday recount about her trip to Whangamata.


  1. Kezia - WOW! That packed so much into 18 seconds! Really wonderful how by using a small amount of words that you told so much. That was a wonderful post and the animation that you did, its not that easy either. Wonderful work.
    Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton

  2. Great job Kezia, I think your animation is very clever, so many different body partsto move when you are swimming. Keep up the lovely writing I'm sure there was a lot more to your experience.
    Mrs Nua

  3. hi kezia. i really like your movie and you are a good swimmer on your holiday movie. Again i like your movie. I hope you do anotherone. see you soon.

    from victoria

  4. HEY Kezia!!!

    That movie was pretty cool keep it up looking forward to the next

  5. Hey Kezia
    Nice animation of your holiday recount movie that was pretty cool.

  6. Holy Macarole!!!!!T hat was so awesome to see that there was so much detail in that animation.It actually looked like you were swimming. And the graphics looked really real.

  7. wow kezia it look like you had a wonderful time at the beach with your famliy.Did it take a long time to get to Whangamata?

    By Tracey

  8. What a cool movie Kezia it really hooked me in by watching it.You have been working hard to make your movie.

    Great work.