Thursday, August 26, 2021

Kahzyilou and the Paralympics

This week in Team 4 we have been learning more about the Paralympics, our NZ Paralympic athletes and Disability. 

Here are some photos from a post by Kahzyilou in Room 7. She had a great experience actually wearing a real gold medal from a NZ Paralympic athlete a few years ago. You can find out more on her blog. Thank you for sharing Kahzyilou. 

 Here is some photos of me wearing Cameron Leslie gold medal at my aunty's  Wheelchair Ruby training at the spinal unit. The first photo is my aunty's wearing Sophie Pascoe medals. Also one other thing my aunty plays for the Wheel black that are competing against U.s.a  at 2:30 today but sadly my aunty is not there because she got sick.       

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  1. Hi Kahzhiylou, what an awesome experience and no wonder you're so sporty!