Friday, September 17, 2021

Interview with Tupou Neiufi

 Today the students from Team 4 were so privileged to be able to join Team 5 in their online interview with Tupou Neiufi. Tupou Neiufi is a Paralympic Gold medalist who competed in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. Team 4 first knew about Tupou when we started researching who some of the NZ Paralympic athletes were for the Tokyo Games. 

We knew that Tupou Neiufi was a paralympic swimmer and had participated in the Rio Paralympic Games in 2016. Today Mr Moran from Team 5 began the interview with Tupou. Many students in Team 4 were given the opportunity to ask questions. Tupou is a wonderful, talented and articulate athlete. She was happy to answer any questions that the students and teachers had. It was an absolute blessing and privilege to hear about her and her messages for our students. Thank you Tupou! Thank you Team 5!

Friday, August 27, 2021

Room 7 Google Meetings

 Many students from Room 7 have joined in on our Google Meets this week. We'd love to see more of you online at the same time! So far it's been great to see students asking lots of interesting questions and posting their learning on their blog. Keep up the great work Room 7!

We had a pyjama theme this morning

Here are some screenshots from meetings held earlier this week. Look at all those beautiful faces!

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Kahzyilou and the Paralympics

This week in Team 4 we have been learning more about the Paralympics, our NZ Paralympic athletes and Disability. 

Here are some photos from a post by Kahzyilou in Room 7. She had a great experience actually wearing a real gold medal from a NZ Paralympic athlete a few years ago. You can find out more on her blog. Thank you for sharing Kahzyilou. 

 Here is some photos of me wearing Cameron Leslie gold medal at my aunty's  Wheelchair Ruby training at the spinal unit. The first photo is my aunty's wearing Sophie Pascoe medals. Also one other thing my aunty plays for the Wheel black that are competing against U.s.a  at 2:30 today but sadly my aunty is not there because she got sick.       

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Room 7 Swimming in Week 3

This term the students in Team 4 were lucky enough to receive swimming lessons at the Glen Innes YMCA Pools. The students were put into small groups and each had a swimming instructor per group.  The students learnt about water safety and basic swimming techniques. Although it was only an hour lesson each day for a week, the students gained so much enjoyment and skills during the swimming lessons. 

Sailing Trip

This term a group of students from Team 4 went on a sailing trip. 

Volvo Sailing... Have a Go! is a schools programme designed to give students in Year 4s to 8 the opportunity to experience the thrills and spills of sailing in a fun, safe and well managed environment. 

This trip was funded by Rotary of St Johns and Yachting New Zealand to whom we are extremely grateful.

 First the students had to get into small groups of 3 to put together a small sailboat. 

Then the students changed into a wetsuit before receiving instructions of how to sail and navigate their boat when on the water. 

When it was time to launch off into the water the students became quite excited even though the water was quite cold. 

They spent quite a bit of time on the water, enjoying the view of the Auckland Harbour, and then had races against each other. 

The students all had a wonderful time. Thank you to our amazing instructors and to Rotary of St Johns and Yachting NZ.