Monday, May 17, 2021

Ramadan with Zaria and Swaimah

 This morning I was treated to some special treats from a student in our class - Zaria. She was very kind and decided to share some of the delicious treats that her family had made to celebrate Eid. When Zaria explained to me what Eid and Ramadan was about, I decided that it would be a great opportunity for her to share her understanding with the rest of the class. 

After morning tea, Zaria shared a presentation that she had made last year with her sister Zaeeda about Ramadan. Another student in our class (Swaimah) supported Zaria by sharing her experience with Ramadan as well. Muslims around the world celebrate the festival of Eid (or Eid al-Fitr) to mark the end of the holy month of Ramadan. 

They did a wonderful job sharing a bit about their culture and how they celebrate the end of Ramadan. Here are some photos from today. Thank you so much Zaria and Swaimah!

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